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January 09, 2019New Service, IP Reputation, will be released on DFL series firewalls soon
According to AV-Testˇ¦s (https://www.av-test.org/) research, over 0.7 billion malwares are found in the world, and 3.9 million malwares are discovered every day. The worse is the diversity and the complexity of malwares are also increasing dramatically. Cybercriminals also use various new techniques to disguise their identities and activities. It makes traditional method very difficult to protect f~r~o~m~ numerous cyberattacks. Disabling inbound communications f~r~o~m~ the IPs with high risk is highly effective way to keep networks secure. The IP Reputation Service offered on D-Link DFL series firewalls provides an up-to-date database to allow the administrators to block and blacklisted the IP address known to be malicious. The IP Reputation index gives each IP address a score ranging f~r~o~m~ 0~100 and ranks the IP address as several security level, 81-100 as Trustworthy, 51-80 as Low Risk, 41-50 as Moderate Risk, 21-40 as Suspicious and 01-20 High Risk. It enables the administrators to set up corresponding security policy to L~I~M~I~T~ exposure of the network to risky IP addresses. Cooperating with IDP, Anti-Spam, Botnet Protection, DoS Protection and Scanner Protection, the DFL series can offer securer networks and react to new malwares more efficiently. More information on the specific Threat Levels and Threat Categories can be found in the administration guide ˇ§IP Reputationˇ¨ chapter. Th IP Reputation is available on or later than v.12.00 firmware. Please note the older devices, DFL-260, DFL-260E, DFL-860 and DFL-860E, donˇ¦t support such service. The IP Reputation needs subscription. License is must to enable the service. Please contact your dealers or D-Link channels for purchase. The trail activation code is also available on the NetDefend Center.
September 04, 2017Server Maintenance Notice - Wednesday, Sep. 6
We will be performing server maintenance on September 6, f~r~o~m~ 0:00am to 23:59pm. All the service on the support website will be not available during this time. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. If any help needed in this period, please kindly contact D-Link local office for support. Thank you.
June 25, 2012D-Link and Kaspersky Lab Extend Partnership to Provide "Multi-Layered Defense"
Starting this month, D-Link's NetDefend UTM Firewall customers will receive free licenses for Kaspersky Business Space Security as well as an option to buy additional licenses at a special D-Link program rate. The combination of these two compelling products will enable D-Link/Kaspersky Lab customers to deploy a truly reliable, multi-layered defense strategy to fight today's ever evolving security threats.
August 21, 2009D-Link NetDefend Firewall Family Achieves ICSA Labs!| IPSec 1.3 Enhanced Certification
To date, D-Link!|s appliances running the NetDefendOS security operating system have not only obtained the highest level of ICSA Labs' firewall certification, known as the Firewall 4.1 with Corporate Level, but also satisfied the stringent testing criteria of IPSec VPN certification. In order to achieve IPSec VPN certification, the product must pass interoperability testing with all other certified devices, in addition to satisfying rigorous and thorough testing in encryption, authentication, data integrity and multiple concurrent IPSec tunnels with a single IPSec peer. ICSA Labs Firewall and IPSec certifications are recognized worldwide as the benchmark for network security industry excellence.
July 01, 2009D-Link Forms Alliance with TheGreenBow to Offer Advanced Security to Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
D-Link, the end-to-end networking solutions provider announced today that TheGreenBow a leading developer of enterprise security software for computer and mobile devices, has aligned itself as a D- Link Solutions Partner.
April 02, 2009Update the latest Anti-Virus signature for D-Link NetDefend UTM Firewall to prevent
D-Link kindly remind of there will be virus outbreak in April fools' day, a worm Conficker, also known as Downup, Downadup and Kido, which was surfaced in Oc. 2008.
October 27, 2008Update the latest IPS signature for D-Link NetDefend Firewall to prevent MS critical vulnerability (KB958644)
Today, D-Link NetDefend Center releases the latest IPS signature update. With this update, it could protect your network against any attacks exploiting MS critical vulnerability (KB958644).
March 05, 2008D-Link NetDefend Firewall Family Achieves ICSA Labs' IPSec 1.2 Enhanced Certification
TAIPEI, Taiwan, Feb 12, 2008 - D-Link, a leading provider of networking and communication solutions, today announced that the company's D-Link NetDefend Firewall series has received IPSec 1.2 Enhanced Certification from ICSA Labs.
July 30, 2007D-Link Unleashes High Performance UTM Firewalls For SOHO and Small to Medium Businesses
Taipei, August 1, 2007 - Addressing growing concerns from small and medium-sized businesses over network security, hacker attacks, virus threats, and increasing privacy issues, today D-Link announced a brand new series of security appliances, which includes two D-Link NetDefend UTM Firewalls DFL-260 and DFL-860. These devices allow businesses to securely control traffic and content entering and exiting their networks and provide them with the highest level of network performance and availability for the SOHO and small to medium-sized business (SMB).
July 05, 2007D-Link NetDefend Firewall Earns ICSA Labs Certification
Taipei, July 4, 2007 - D-Link, a leading provider of networking and communication solutions, recently earned ICSA Labs Corporate-Level Firewall Certification for their NetDefend DFL-2500 Firewall. With the certification of their top tier NetDefend Firewall model, D-Link expects the rest of the NetDefend Firewall series to finish the certification process very soon, as they use the same cutting-edge kernel. ICSA Labs, an independent division of Cybertrust Inc., is a trusted international authority in the information security industry. They certify security products to aid customers in finding and choosing solid, reliable solutions. By passing stringent testing criteria in ICSA Labs, NetDefend Firewall demonstrates D-Link!|s commitment to security.
March 26, 200717+ NetDefend Configuration Examples Available !
Recently, D-Link collects lots of feedbacks, and case studies coming from worldwide valuable customers as you are. Base on these precious opinions, D-Link publishes 17+ configuration examples at a time for fulfilling customers' business applications with NetDefend firewall advanced features. All scenarios are based on real network implementations which would be very similar to yours.
February 28, 2007D-Link NetDefend Firewall won 2006 IDG Network & Communication Firewall Test in Sweden
Congratulation! D-Link DFL-2500 firewall is an outstanding winner of the annual Nätverk & Kommunikation firewall test (in Scandinavia). DFL-2500 performs the highest performance and its lead against other firewall such as Checkpoint, SmoothWall, Halon.
November 23, 2006D-Link Reinforces Firewall Protection with a New and Enhanced IPS
D-Link Corporation, the leading provider of networking and communication solutions to the consumer, SMB, and enterprise markets, today announced a brand new Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) for its NetDefend firewalls: DFL-210, DFL-800, DFL-1600, and DFL-2500. The reinforced IPS not only embeds a built-in basic scan engine and signature database against common network threats; it also provides an advanced and robust IPS scan engine and a rich signature database that provides protection against network worms, system vulnerability threats, and DoS/DDoS attacks.
April 04, 2006D-Link Unveils Next Generation NetDefend Firewall Series Introducing Brand New Total Security Architecture:ZoneDefense
D-Link Corporation , the leading provider of networking and communication solutions to the consumer, SMB and enterprise markets, today announced its next generation NetDefendTM Firewalls series.
April 04, 2006D-Link Helps Business Effectively Manage IM and P2P Applications
D-Link today announced the release of an Information Security Gateway, a new type of network security device designed to let the small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) effectively adapt to the rapid proliferation of instant messages (IM), peer-to-peer (P2P) and other streaming media applications which would consume most of bandwidth ( Internet Radio and Streaming Video) at the workplace environment.
January 04, 2006D-Link Launches SecureSpot All-In-One Internet Security Device for Home and Small Office Networks
Industry First Integrated Desktop Solution Delivers Total Network Security From Harmful Viruses, Spam, Pop-Ups, Spyware and Other Unwanted Content
January 03, 2006D-Link bolsters line of SMB security products
D-Link Monday fortified its NetDefend security product line for small and midsize businesses with new firewall products and a security appliance, a company spokesman said."Essentially, what we've done is created some high-performance security platforms that combine different types of security functions into a single product," he said.
December 13, 2005D-Link Unveils New Business Security Solutions
Designed to provide reliable hardware security solutions for businesses, plus additional enhanced security for users of D-Link xStack product family
December 05, 2005D-Link Unleashes Netdefend™ Line of High Performance Firewall, VPN and Application Security Appliances
Fountain Valley, CA, December 5, 2005 ?D-Link, the end-to-end networking solutions provider for consumers and business, today announced the addition of two new firewall and virtual private network (VPN) appliances and a powerful new application security gateway to its D-Link NetDefend line of business-class security solutions designed for the small to medium-sized business (SMB).
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