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D-Link Unveils Next Generation NetDefend Firewall Series Introducing Brand New Total Security Architecture:ZoneDefense
April 04, 2006

D-Link Corporation , the leading provider of networking and communication solutions to the consumer, SMB and enterprise markets, today announced its next generation NetDefendTM Firewalls series, incorporating advanced security features highly demanded by SMBs, such as Traffic Shaping , Multi-WAN Link Load Balancing and Server Load Balance. In addition, the new products built in unique ZD (ZoneDefenseTM) feature, coordinates with D-Link xStack family switches to effectively prevent malicious traffic from spreading within internal network.


Proactive Security Architecture: ZoneDefenseTM

ZoneDefenseTM, innovated by D-Link, is a brand-new proactive security architecture, which features on D-Link's next generation firewalls. By integrating with D-Link's xStack family switches, ZoneDefenseTM can effectively block any malicious host upon traffic detection. This security feature triggers in the event while a user's computer generates abnormal network activity; once ZoneDefenseTM activates, the victimized computer can be rapidly disconnected from the network without disrupting other users' network connection. This countermeasure is tremendously helpful for enterprises to prevent virus outbreak in the same subnet or other subnets, thus minimizing further intercept of hacker attacks that may paralyze critical servers within enterprises.


Work Smart, Work Easy, Simply with ZoneDefenseTM

Protecting against network based virus attack, traditional firewalls or IDS appliances simply provide single point of defense; they do not communicate with each other. However, with ZoneDefenseTM technology, powered by D-Link, network administrators simply need to define the threshold of designated services or according to IDS patterns, the ZoneDefenseTM feature will be triggered and activated when Sasser virus outbreak is detected based on the condition predefined, DFL NetDefendTM series firewalls immediately and automatically communicate with D-Link switches, issue commands to lock the switch port where the infected host(s) is connected to restrict victimizing other computers connected to the network successfully. This innovative feature greatly relieves the load of network administration, meanwhile simplifies the complexity for network management.


DFL NetDefendTM series firewalls are easy-to-deploy and hardware-based VPN Firewalls designed for organizations of various sizes that are superior in price and performance. Within the stylish industrial design, D-Link NetDefendTM Firewalls have high port density, support Gigabit interfaces, multiple WAN ports and WAN/DMZ/LAN port configurable*. NetDefendTM series firewalls is a powerful security solution that features integrated Firewall, Load Sharing, Fault-Tolerance, Server Load Balance, ZoneDefenseTM, Content Filter, User Authentication, IM/P2P blocking, Denial of Service (DoS) protection as well as Virtual Private Network (VPN) support.


About D-Link Next Generation NetDefendTM Firewall Series

The NetDefendTM Firewall series has four models designed for businesses and offices of different scales. All NetDefendTM models have been certified by VPNC, and can ensure VPN compatibility with major firewall brands in the market.


Ÿ             DFL-210:  suitable for SMB branch office with approximately 50 users. Features dual WAN ports, 4 LAN/DMZ ports, ; 100 IPSec VPN tunnels

Ÿ             DFL-800:  suitable for SMB branch office with approximately 150 users. Features multiple WAN ports, 1 dedicated DMZ port, 7 LAN ports; 300 IPSec VPN tunnels

Ÿ             DFL-1600:  designed for SMB headquarter with approximately 300 users. Features multiple WAN ports, 6 10/100/1000 LAN/DMZ ports; 1200 IPSec VPN tunnels.

Ÿ             DFL-2500:  designed for SMB headquarter with approximately 600 users. Features multiple WAN ports, 8 10/100/1000 LAN/DMZ ports; 2500 IPSec VPN tunnels.


About D-Link
D-Link is a worldwide leader and award-winning designer, developer, and true manufacturer of networking, wireless, broadband, digital electronics, security and voice and data communications products. These products provide the ideal solution for digital home, Small Office/Home Office (SOHO), Small to Medium Business (SMB), and Workgroup to Enterprise environments.
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