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D-Link Reinforces Firewall Protection with a New and Enhanced IPS
November 23, 2006

D-Link Corporation, the leading provider of networking and communication solutions to the consumer, SMB, and enterprise markets, today announced a brand new Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) for its NetDefend firewalls: DFL-210, DFL-800, DFL-1600, and DFL-2500. The reinforced IPS not only embeds a built-in basic scan engine and signature database against common network threats; it also provides an advanced and robust IPS scan engine and a rich signature database that provides protection against network worms, system vulnerability threats, and DoS/DDoS attacks.


New D-Link Intrusion Prevention System

The original Built-in IPS engine and signature database of NetDefend firewalls is an essential intrusion deterrent that provides over 1,000 signatures to protect SMB and enterprise networks. The Built-in IPS provides fundamental protection against Layer 4 network attacks, which gives SMBs and enterprises the convenience of entry-level IPS protection. When facing more complex Layer 7 attack conditions, D-Link deploys an Advanced IPS with a richer signature database to provide more comprehensive network protection.


D-Link's brand new Intrusion Prevention System moves quickly and effectively to prevent any potentially malicious network traffic from attacking your network. This Advanced IPS focuses on inspection of the entire payload and matches data packet-by-packet to defend against malicious code hiding in network traffic; the new IPS does not rely only on data inspection by IP header, port number, or traffic threshold. The number of signatures in the database is over 2,000, and it is comprehensive, proactive, and has enough breadth of coverage to protect any network. The D-Link Security Center collects and analyzes internet traffic to generate signature updates 7x24x365, and then tests signature accuracy using well-known attack tools in the signature generation process to reduce both False Positive and False Negative results.


Current D-Link NetDefend firewall customers can get the new Intrusion Prevention System for free by firmware upgrade from the NetDefend Center at


NetDefend IPS Subscription

In order to provide a more professional signature database for IPS update service and simultaneously more flexible customer service, D-Link not only provides two kinds of Intrusion Prevention System but also provides two different IPS update services to customers. Customers can enable one of two kinds of IPS update service for this new IPS technology.  


Advanced IPS Update Service of the new Intrusion Prevention System: D-Link now offers an optional Advanced IPS Update Service for NetDefend firewall appliance customers to purchase further security enhancements for NetDefend firewalls. All D-Link NetDefend member/users can enjoy a free three-month trial of the IPS update service. With innovative traffic anomaly detection mechanisms, your network will be even better protected by immediate IPS signature updates from the D-Link NetDefend Center.


The Advanced IPS Update Service is capable of producing a signature of a confirmed exploit within 48 hours based on available information. The IPS signature database is automatically checked at least once a day and more frequently as necessary. Customers can purchase this service from all authorized D-Link NetDefend resellers.


Built-in Intrusion Prevention System: For customers who choose not to subscribe to the Advanced IPS Update Service, D-Link provides a basic maintenance service including IPS signature updates for signature error correction and signature optimization when necessary. Customers can get basic maintenance service after applying for D-Link membership and registering a firewall on the NetDefend Center. The maintenance service is free to all customers and suitable for all firewall firmware versions that include the auto-update feature.


D-Link Security Portal: DNetDefend Center

The NetDefend Center is a professional security web site for the D-Link NetDefend product family.  All D-Link security resources can be accessed there, including product introductions, technical support, downloads, news, and membership registration. In particular, the NetDefend Center is a registration platform for customers to register their NetDefend appliances and obtain update services.


NetDefend Live: The NetDefend Center includes a !?NetDefend Live!| service for our customers. NetDefend Live is a platform for providing information about potential security breaches and associated advisories. When D-Link Security Center discovers new exploits and releases new signatures, associated security advisories will be simultaneously updated. This update frequency is provided on a 7x24x365 basis. The main purpose of NetDefend Live is to help our customers know more about new signatures and vulnerabilities. MIS departments can use NetDefend Live as reference to uproot threats and patch vulnerabilities within the enterprise before they are exploited. With NetDefend firewalls as the first line of defense and NetDefend Live as the second, D-Link helps customers to counteract emerging network threats promptly, before they have an impact on business.


About the D-Link Next Generation NetDefendTM Firewall Series

The NetDefendTM Firewall series has four models, each designed for businesses and offices of different scales. All NetDefendTM models have been certified by VPNC, and can ensure VPN compatibility with other major firewall brands in the market.


Ÿ             DFL-210:  Suitable for SMB branch offices with approximately 50 users. Features dual WAN ports, 4 LAN/DMZ ports; 100 IPSec VPN tunnels

Ÿ             DFL-800:  Suitable for SMB branch offices with approximately 150 users. Features multiple WAN ports, 1 dedicated DMZ port, 7 LAN ports; 300 IPSec VPN tunnels

Ÿ             DFL-1600:  Designed for SMB headquarters with approximately 300 users. Features multiple WAN ports, 6 10/100/1000 LAN/DMZ ports; 1200 IPSec VPN tunnels.

Ÿ             DFL-2500:  Designed for SMB headquarters with approximately 600 users. Features multiple WAN ports, 8 10/100/1000 LAN/DMZ ports; 2500 IPSec VPN tunnels.


About D-Link
D-Link is a world leader and award-winning designer, developer, and true manufacturer of networking, wireless, broadband, digital electronics, security and voice and data communications products. These products provide ideal solutions for digital home, Small Office/Home Office (SOHO), Small to Medium Business (SMB), and Workgroup to Enterprise environments.
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