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D-Link NetDefend Firewall won 2006 IDG Network & Communication Firewall Test in Sweden
February 28, 2007

Congratulation! D-Link DFL-2500 firewall is an outstanding winner of the annual Nätverk & Kommunikation firewall test (in Scandinavia). DFL-2500 performs the highest performance and its lead against other firewall such as Checkpoint, SmoothWall, Halon.

Nätverk & Kommunikation (Network and Communication) is a leading magazine for network and IT managers in Sweden. URL:

There are four major criteria in this benchmark test, including Administration, VPN, IPS/IDP, and Documentation. D-Link DFL-2500 almost outperformed other rivals in all tests. Especially in Administration category, DFL-2500 won "the best web GUI" comment, and in VPN Category, DFL-2500 is twice as fast as the second best in the VPN test.

We are very pleased to share this recognition with you and also the good news is that the same technology of DFL-2500 is also available on all NetDefend firewall series including DFL-210, DFL-800, and DFL-1600.

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