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Welcome to D-Link NetDefend Live! You can get detailed information on worldwide threats provided by D-Link's Global Security Research Center which collects and broadcasts both the latest vulnerabilities and threat warnings in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week, 365 days of the year.

By having access to D-Link's NetDefend Live service you can keep up-to-date and informed on the prominent threats that might impact your network today, you can then configure your D-Link security appliance accordingly to prevent and respond to the outbreak of these potential attacks.

D-Link provides timely and regular pattern updates to protect your NetDefend appliances against the latest attacks through D-Link NetDefend Subscription Service. Through this service you can automatically update your NetDefend appliance (signature database) via the Internet.

D-Link advisories/updates provide security information about well-known network threats, major security developments and D-Link's response to these . You can search for the advisory/update that you want to use to improve your network security.
Release Date Advisory ID Title
Dec 09, 201845928Exploit.Ticketly.AddProjectPHP.Desc.SQL.Injection.Select
Dec 09, 201845929Exploit.Ticketly.AddProjectPHP.Desc.SQL.Injection.Delete
Dec 09, 201845930Exploit.Ticketly.AddProjectPHP.Desc.SQL.Injection.Update
Dec 09, 201845931Exploit.Ticketly.AddProjectPHP.Desc.SQL.Injection.Insert
Dec 09, 201845932Exploit.Ticketly.AddProjectPHP.Desc.SQL.Injection.Union
Dec 09, 201845933Exploit.Ticketly.AddProjectPHP.Desc.SQL.Injection.Sleep
Dec 09, 201845934Exploit.Ticketly.AddProjectPHP.Desc.SQL.Injection.ExtractValue
Dec 09, 201845936Exploit.Electricks.eCommerce.XSS
Dec 09, 201845937Exploit.LANGO.Codeigniter.Multilingual.XSS
Dec 09, 201845938Exploit.Ticketly.AddProjectPHP.Desc.SQL.Injection.Database
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Aug 15, 2020