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New Service, IP Reputation, will be released on DFL series firewalls soon
January 09, 2019
According to AV-Testˇ¦s ( research, over 0.7 billion malwares are found in the world, and 3.9 million malwares are discovered every day. The worse is the diversity and the complexity of malwares are also increasing dramatically. Cybercriminals also use various new techniques to disguise their identities and activities. It makes traditional method very difficult to protect f~r~o~m~ numerous cyberattacks. Disabling inbound communications f~r~o~m~ the IPs with high risk is highly effective way to keep networks secure. The IP Reputation Service offered on D-Link DFL series firewalls provides an up-to-date database to allow the administrators to block and blacklisted the IP address known to be malicious. The IP Reputation index gives each IP address a score ranging f~r~o~m~ 0~100 and ranks the IP address as several security level, 81-100 as Trustworthy, 51-80 as Low Risk, 41-50 as Moderate Risk, 21-40 as Suspicious and 01-20 High Risk. It enables the administrators to set up corresponding security policy to L~I~M~I~T~ exposure of the network to risky IP addresses. Cooperating with IDP, Anti-Spam, Botnet Protection, DoS Protection and Scanner Protection, the DFL series can offer securer networks and react to new malwares more efficiently. More information on the specific Threat Levels and Threat Categories can be found in the administration guide ˇ§IP Reputationˇ¨ chapter. Th IP Reputation is available on or later than v.12.00 firmware. Please note the older devices, DFL-260, DFL-260E, DFL-860 and DFL-860E, donˇ¦t support such service. The IP Reputation needs subscription. License is must to enable the service. Please contact your dealers or D-Link channels for purchase. The trail activation code is also available on the NetDefend Center.
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